Stress Relief Method Seminar

MAY 3- 4, 2014
Sessions Open

Rockaway Park, NY

Acquire the skills and knowledge of the patent pending Stress Relief Method and immediately experience greater patient satisfaction and retention. 

With 2013 behind us consumers, fitness professionals, physicians, practitioners, and business owners are now looking to see what 2014 has in store for the health and wellness community. Several reputable studies, such as the ACSM Survey,  have predicted consumer fitness trends and changes for licensed practitioners in 2014. Many of the fitness trends focus on efficiency, the mind-body connection, and turning to educated & experienced fitness professionals – all of which the Stress Relief Method (SRM) address in the next seminar May 3-4, 2014.  


Visit the Science Behind the SRM for a complete overview of the SRM.



Who & When? 


SRM Courses are now open for registraton at the SRM Rockaway location in New York. In general, it will introduce the SRM to skilled licensed practitioners seeking a powerful method to integrate into existing practices to boost satisfaction and increase revenue. NEXT DATES: May 3-4, 2014

REGISTER Science Behind the SRM Why Choose SRM?

What is the Stress Relief Method? 

What will the courses cover & what day is right for me?


The SRM course is split into two immersive training sessions. Both the patent-pending SRM Self-Applied and SRM Physician-Applied applications are instructed by founder and sole SRM provider, Dr. James E. Kiernan. 


The first day (12:00 - 5:00 PM) primarily reviews the SRM Self--Applied method and the second day (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM) reviews the SRM Physician-Applied. Licensed practitioners who are allowed to touch patients during treatment should take both courses. 

stress relief method personal training program members area stress relief method personal training program members area
  • Introduction to the SRM Wellness Platform (Physician-Applied & Self-Applied).

  • Insightful discussion and analysis of the Science Behind the SRM.

  • Live instructor training. (Day 1 - Self-Applied, Day 2 - Physician-Applied)

  • Why and how the SRM can help improve dozens of pain, stress, and other health problems.

  • Accurate patient diagnosis by following The TWIST.

  • Participant involvement in hands-on training and demonstration.

  • Discuss various ways SRM can be integrated into existing practices to help clients and/or patients feel better now. 

  • Review certification and SRM member benefits. 

*Private Members Area

*Only available to certified trainers.

SRM Course Details: The Two-Day Untwist

Choose Days: You may attend BOTH days at a discounted price, or a single day at full price. See below.

Stress Relief Method Training Kit

Adults in Pain - SRM Adults in Pain - SRM
Competitive advantage for athletes - SRM Competitive advantage for athletes - SRM

Seminar Location:

SRM Rockaway Facility

Day I

May 3

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

SRM Platform Introduction & Initial Instruction

Session I will uncover the science behind the method (The TWIST), proper identification of client/patient health concerns, and review the various applications of the SRM in different business or clinical settings. 


  • Intro:  Development of SRM and proprietary science behind it (The TWIST). (Video, powerpoint, discussion)

  • Certification: Overview of features & benefits associated with SRM certification. How to certify?

  • In Practice: Various uses of  SRM based on patient / client health concerns, and why we consider it the most effective method in practice.

  • Demonstration: Live demonstration of SRM Self-Applied with participant involvement. 

 Course Registration Fee


Day II

May 3

8:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Untwist with SRM Physician-Applied

Session II will recap the SRM Self-Applied and key takeways from Day I before diving into the Physician-Applied and other SRM programs. 


  • Recap:  Development of SRM and proprietary science behind it (video, powerpoint, discussion)​. Facilitate questions. 

  • SRM Physician-Applied:  Live demonstration,  participant involvement, and what it can help improve in patient health. 

  • In Practice: Various uses of Self-Applied and best practices for implementing in to your clinic.

  • SRM Programs & Summary: Discussion of all SRM programs, future plans, certification procedures, and review of affiliation benefits and the SRM Members Area.



DAY II Only Registration Fee




DAY I & DAY II Registration Fee



115-06 Beach Channel Dr Rockaway Park, NY 11694

115-06 Beach Channel Dr  Rockaway Park, NY 11694

Why SRM? Science Behind the SRM REGISTER

Who Should Attend? 


Registration is open for all licensed practitioners listed previously. The Stress Relief Method, more specifically the SRM Physician-Applied, is an advanced technique requiring proficient knowledge of total body anatomy and experience treating patients in a clinical setting (for day 2 - Physician-Applied) and/or training with clients (for day 1 - SRM Self-Applied). 


Please review the Science Behind the SRM If you are ONLY looking to learn the self-treatment (SRM Self-Applied) for your own use, or with clients as part of a physical training program, then attend the SRM Self-Applied session (Day 1). Otherwise, all licensed practitioners who are allowed to touch patients should take BOTH courses now, or separately. 

“There’s a shift in culture. People are sick of ‘yo-yo-ing’ with fad diets and exercise routines, and they are looking for effective new approaches, whether for dieting, social life, accountability or competition.”




SRM Health & Wellness Trend


Want to know why we consider the SRM the greatest wellness platform of 2014? Read our review of the most recent health & wellness studies by reputable organizations predicting what consumers and patients want or need in 2014. Also learn why we consider the SRM to be a lifestyle wellness platform and not just another method. The experiences and testimonials from many have given the SRM this label. 

- Jim White

National spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Registered Dietitian 

Award-winning Fitness Pro

ACSM 2014 Trends Testimonials