SRM Physician-Applied

​Feel Better Instantly.  Feel Better Tomorrow.  Feel Better Years into the Future.

Who can benefit from the Stress Relief Method? The short answer is EVERYONE, but after thousands of appointments we've identified the three groups below to experience the greatest change in the way they feel from our pain and stress relief treatment in New York.  

Stressed Professionals need help Stressed Professionals need help
Adults in Pain - SRM Adults in Pain - SRM
Competitive advantage for athletes - SRM Competitive advantage for athletes - SRM
Stressed Professionals

Difficulty Finding Stress Relief Tips for Work 

​  -  No time to workout or make it to the gym.

​  -  Fast approaching deadlines giving stress. 

​  -  Overloaded work schedule.

  -  Emotional stress from co-workers.

​  - ​ Difficulty juggling a family and busy career.

All directly impact your state in The TWIST. Stress Relief Method is a quick, convenient, and effective approach for managing stress.

Adults in Pain 

Trouble Finding Pain Relief

​  -  Have back, neck, shoulder, or other pain.​

​  -  Facing an upcoming surgery.​

​  -  Expensive doctor visits with little or no relief.​

​  -  Pain relievers only temporarily masking pain. 

​  -  Workout routine only increasing your pain. ​

Stress Relief Method can drastically reduce pain, even eliminate your pain, reduce the frequency of doctor visits, and give you an active life again. 


Need Inury Prevention Tips

​  - Experiencing pain during or after workouts. 

​  - Trouble with workout recovery.

​  - Need improved workout recovery times.

​  - Feel something is missing in your routine.

​  - Want a competitive edge for atheletes. 

Stress Relief Method will give you a powerful tool you'll never forget. You'll instantly notice improved workouts, endurance, and recovery. 

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So What is the SRM Physician-Applied?

​The Stress Relief Method is simply one-of-a-kind. It's not just another manual therapy, a massage, a chiropractic treatment, or anything you've experienced in your search for pain relief, stress relief, and wellness. It is a way of life — and thousands have experienced its life-changing effects. In only 10 minutes you eliminate pain and reduce stress. 


In short, the SRM Physician-Applied is a comprehensive, standardized manual therapy in New York that addresses and treats the underlying cause of pain and stress in the human body. What makes it unique and different from anything else is Dr. Kiernan's  discovery, The TWIST®. You can read more about the science and theory behind it, but the important thing to know is your pain is much more than the result of repetition, posture, overuse, old age, and anything physical. It is part of a universal pattern found in your body that reacts to the physical, mental, and chemical environments in your life. In other words, your pain is heavily influenced by the mind-body connection. 


Nitric Oxide Studies


The SRM Physician-Applied also factors in Dr. James Kiernan's peer reviewed and published studies on nitric oxide — a  molecule in the body responsible for relaxation, anti-inflammation, improved immune response, and well-being. Understanding The TWIST®, the role of nitric oxide, and the power of engaging a patients' mind-body awareness in treatment, has resulted in the most effective approach in providing well being.


What Makes the Stress Relief Method Unique? 
​It is common practice by many manual therapists and physicians to treat individual symptoms where pain is felt. If you have knee pain, then it seems proper to solely focus on the knee. However, the problem with this approach is it fails to factor in the knee's connection to the vast network of muscles, fascia, nerves, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels — and our mind. What we really need to realize is the body is indeed not made up individual parts working separately. It operates as ONE dynamic entity where each part influences the other. So when we treat one part of the body experiencing symtoms of pain, then we must view the problem as it relates the entire structure. If we jump ahead and target treatment towards a single part then all we're doing is patching up a problem with a bandaid. It will fix the issue for the short-term, but what about the long-term?

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine,
but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet,
and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison ​​​​

Healthy balance Healthy balance
Healthy balance Healthy balance

The Stress Relief Method is about both the short and long-term pain relief as its comprehensive approach to wellness identifies the underlying cause of pain and addresses it with a powerful stress relief technique. 

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